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About Us

Committed to Healthy Communities!

County Health Services is the  Health Department for Guthrie and Audubon as well as the Environmental Health Agency for Audubon, Adair, Cass and Guthrie Counties in Iowa. Our Mission is to build sustainable healthy communities with healthy people enjoying healthy lives. We  offer a wide variety of programs and services to resource the needs of the communities we serve.

We have two office locations

  • 2002 State Street Guthrie Center IA

  • 515 S Pacific Ave Audubon IA

  • Home Health

  • Immunizations

  • Health Screenings

  • Disease prevention and investigation

Our Services Include:

  • Environmental Health

  • Resource Navigation

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Psychotherapy

  • Family Support Services

  • The Imagination Library

  • Babies Nest, Passports

Our Story

What started as a single county home health service for Guthrie County in 1979 is now a multi-county health department that provides a wide array of health services.

From 1979 until 2014 the focus of what was then called Guthrie County Public Health Nursing Services was homecare, basis disease investigation and prevention and some family support programs.

In 2014 the Board of Health committed to increasing services in Guthrie County to include a wider spectrum of public health and community health programs to address the continued decline in the counties health. From 2014- 2017 the Guthrie Health department added 7 new programs and hired 6 addition staff to bolster immunizations and community health programing. 

  In 2017 the Guthrie County Board of Health along with the Guthrie County Board of Supervisor  combined the Public Health, Transfer Station and Environmental Health department (covering 4 counties) under one administrative team to increase efficiency and provide additions staffing resources. Also in 2017 Guthrie County Home Health partnered with Cass County Public Health to cover all grant home health clients in Cass County. 

In 2020 Guthrie County expanded to cover the home care program for Audubon County . In 2021 Guthrie County Health Services was asked to become the health department for all health services in Audubon County and changed its name to County Health Services. 

Today as the landscape in rural Iowa health continues to change we are excited and prepared to be a health department committed to being efficient, effective and engaged in the mission of helping people in our communities lead healthy lives!

Meet The Team

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