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Family Support Programs

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Helping Parents. Helping Kids.

H.O.P.E.S. (Helping Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success) is a remarkable home visiting family support program offered by County Health Services, specifically designed to cater to families with children aged 0-3. This invaluable initiative provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at empowering parents and ensuring the healthy development and well-being of their young children.


Our dedicated team of professionals, including nurses, social workers, and early childhood educators, offer personalized support, guidance, and resources to parents, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes the growth and success of both the child and the family.


Through H.O.P.E.S., families receive vital assistance in various areas, such as parenting skills, child health and development, early education, and access to community resources, fostering a strong foundation for lifelong success and happiness.

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